No, Sarawak Muslims are different

While some idiots are mourning over the ‘loss’ of the word ‘Allah’, me and my Malay/Muslim friends having our good time together. I respect them by not offering them a “bakon”, they respect me by not stop me to eat it. That’s 1Malaysia…

We have been using the word ‘Allah’ in churches all over Sabah and Sarawak for decades. Up until now, not a single one of our Muslim brethren in Sabah and Sarawak has ever pointed an accusing finger or created chaos among their Christian counterparts.

Churches are burnt in West Malaysia, churches in Sarawak (the one who actually use the word ‘Allah’ most of the time) remain intact. In the aftermath of the incident, our Sabahan Muslims brothers and sisters are the ones who would have to cringe with shame on behalf or their West Malaysian Muslims. I received countless messages from my Sarawaqkian Muslims friends, apologizing, even though it is none of their fault.

I shared a room with a Muslim friend when I’m studying in UiTM, in fact, the very best friend of mine is Muslim, his name is Pyan. We eat the same food, shared the same cup, drink the same bottled of water, he ate what I bought, there’s never been an issue of “Jijik” or some people prefer to call it discusting. I kept my Holy Bible on the same bookshelf as he kept his Holy Quran. In West Malaysia, 15,000 Bibles imported from Indonesia (which were meant to be sent to Sabah and Sarawak, not West Malaysia) were confiscated because they contain the word ‘Allah’.

I take Lutong Miri as an example, the Mosque and a Church were next to each other. You hear the bell rings if you’re in the Mosque, and vice versa for the sound of Azan. We do not face any problem of that because of tolerate, respect each other.

Few days ago, a few hundred Muslims in West Malaysia were gathering at the Mosque to protest against the High Court decision.

At about the same time here in Sarawak, I was sipping coffee with my Muslim colleagues, exchanging jokes and having a good time. Some of them were originaly came from the west. However, as they live in the lifestyle our Sarawakian societies, They’re almost like us. Some of them speak Iban, even married the local, and said, Sarawak is the Heaven on Earth, for Malaysia.

While churches were being burnt and Christians in West Malaysia (who mostly don’t actually use the word ‘Allah’, I presume?) were threatened with car-smashing, Sarawakians are getting closer and closer than ever, assuring each other regardless of races and religions, that we would never ever let those things that happened in West Malaysia happen in Sarawak.

This morning, when I logged in to my FB, all Sarawakian Muslims and Christians are thanking God in their status that they were born in Sarawak, prouder than ever that they are Sarawakian.

West Malaysian Muslims are angry over something that would never affect them, fearing something that would never befall them. I urge them to come to Sarawak and learn from their Sarawak Muslim brethren.

I am always reminded by wise people that things always happen for a reason.

If there is any reason for all these things to happen, it is to show me how lucky and blessed I am that I am a Sarawakian.

I Love Sarawak.


One response to “No, Sarawak Muslims are different

  1. im with you. i do not understand why something petty like this made huge headlines when, it's actually nothing except 'propaganda'.. It is soooo typical for some people to just join membesar2 perkara kecik.. Im so blessed im born here in Sarawak. Sikda masalah gia eh!

Kitai Iban sigi patut bekunsika buah penemu ti manah enggau pangan diri, baka ke beduaka lampang rusa, bebagika lampang babi, ngenjuk lampang pelanduk, betetakka lampang bayak. Ngambika utai ti berat tau nyadi lempung, utai simpi tau segala, utai bingkuk tau lurus. Bekunsi kitai buah penemu ti manah enggau pangan diri ngambi ke bansa kitai tau pegari ditemu dunya, bediri sama tinggi, duduk sama pemaruh enggau bansa bukai. - Nadai salah mejah seruri, sigi endang dianti-anti. :)

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