Bark a real tree

We dayak, especially our very own Iban loves to point a finger insteads of look at the mirror. We blame Taib for the reasons of Iban’s late development. Yes, I know. The point is there, but not the exact point!

Don’t blame Taib. Taib is not the real problem for the Dayaks. The real problem is the Dayak legislators, assisted by the longhouse chiefs (think subsidies) who are keeping Taib in power.

Why? Taib’s work is to collect and share the spoils of office with them. If Taib is not around, the Dayak legislators will simply gather around another Taib who can serve them. So, if u want to bring change to Sarawak, forget about Taib. That would be barking up the wrong tree.

Focus on discrediting the Dayak legislators & the longhouse chiefs for propping up the current political system which works against the interests of the Dayak nation. It nust be remembered that it was also the traditional Dayak chiefs who kept the Brooke Dynasty in power for 150 years.

If u want to kill a snake(the system of political power), u must cut off its head(the Dayak legislators) & not just step on its tail (Taib),if u step on the tail, the head will strike u with its poisonous fangs.


Kitai Iban sigi patut bekunsika buah penemu ti manah enggau pangan diri, baka ke beduaka lampang rusa, bebagika lampang babi, ngenjuk lampang pelanduk, betetakka lampang bayak. Ngambika utai ti berat tau nyadi lempung, utai simpi tau segala, utai bingkuk tau lurus. Bekunsi kitai buah penemu ti manah enggau pangan diri ngambi ke bansa kitai tau pegari ditemu dunya, bediri sama tinggi, duduk sama pemaruh enggau bansa bukai. - Nadai salah mejah seruri, sigi endang dianti-anti. :)

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