A little Story About Ibans Warrior.

Rentap. Is great to know we have such Iban hero in the early days. It would be greater if such warrior still emerge today but after 44 years of marginalization by the power in the west peninsular it seem that the race has already lost almost everything that the land of the hornbill provided for, from the huge forest to the last drop of black gold. I can’t rational the fact that 95% of oil revenue is given to the west peninsular where as hornbill’s zealots collected the balance 5%. Rentap would have surely be turning in his grave and looking for his war outfit if he knows that the land of the hornbill is now an Islamic state. I hope the next reincarnation of Rentap will be the catalysis for the imminent and eventual separation of the land of the hornbill from Islamic Bolehland.

Let us not forget our Iban’s contribution to Sarawak and today I will recall again the little story about our own old Ibans warriors.

Under the Brook’s administration Penghulus & Kapitans were appointed to represent their respective people and as Sarikei is made up of two rivers running on each side the appointment was make for one Penghulu to represent each river.

In the old days there were many long houses and each long house had a Twai-Rumah-Panjai to represent their long house but two warrior stand out among all of them. Those early days in the 1930’s Penghulu Ah-Nin was made to represent Sugai Neylong and Penghulu Eman to represent Sugai Sarikei. Penghulu Ah-Nin was the Twai-Rumah-Panjai of Sugai Rusa where as Penghulu Eman was the warrior from Sugai Payong.

Penghulu Ah-Nin always wear his full warrior outfit to town, wearing sirat & a coat given by the Raja with decorated colours plus feathers and always carriers the symbol of power and authority a Kayan sword. Wearing Silat was using a long piece of cloth covering the groin, those days it was the most common outfit for Ibans men and the ladies wear Sarong but topless. The Penghulu cut their hair the old Iban warrior style, fondly known as the Yakak-Tow (coconut head style). When on official both will appear wearing the full warrior outfit completed with Silat and Kayan sword.

Penghulu Eman could be the 1st Iban ever been to China, he was a good friend of the big boss Mr. 林 of the Hokkien shop 順發 Soon Huat and together they make a trip to China in the 1930s. Even the great Temenggong Jugah only managed to follow Tun Razak to China 40 years on in the early 1970s. Together with Mr. 林 they are a great pair of cock fighting kakies. In the 1950s Penghulu Eman also invested in shop lot, he bought half a shop lot at the last unit last block at Central Rd that is closes to the Chinese Chamber of Commerce. The shop was occupied by a Hakka dentist. Penghulu Eman was childless and understands he adopted two Foochow girls as his daughters.

It would be great if we can have some Ibans visitor to this blog to add on the comment of the two old warriors of the 1930s – 1950s, photos of the two warriors would be great and who is holding Penghulu Ah-Nin & Eman sword now


Kitai Iban sigi patut bekunsika buah penemu ti manah enggau pangan diri, baka ke beduaka lampang rusa, bebagika lampang babi, ngenjuk lampang pelanduk, betetakka lampang bayak. Ngambika utai ti berat tau nyadi lempung, utai simpi tau segala, utai bingkuk tau lurus. Bekunsi kitai buah penemu ti manah enggau pangan diri ngambi ke bansa kitai tau pegari ditemu dunya, bediri sama tinggi, duduk sama pemaruh enggau bansa bukai. - Nadai salah mejah seruri, sigi endang dianti-anti. :)

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