Tattoo or Not?

Malaysian youths, mainly Dayak youths, especially Iban who are having tatoos anywhere visible in their bodies will definitely be refused employment in the Malaysian Civil Service especially in the Police or the Army. This “unwritten code” has been in practice for sometime and is a major hinderance for the youths wanting to join the Police or the Army in Malaysia.

Parents are frustrated that their children, just because they have tatoos somewhere in their bodies are being outrightly rejected by recruiting officers whilst undergoing job interviews.

This policy is too harsh. Has there been official directive by the Government regarding this policy? Herein lies a major irony. During the Emergencies and also the Communists threat, Dayaks who wanted to join the Forces or The police must show that they had tatoos all over their bodies supposedly to indicate courage, honour,brotherhood and sacrifices. Tatoo was then a pre-requisite! Those days, only the brave dared to venture and in addition ,were paid in pittance. Presently, it is the opposite!

There has been numerous complaints echoed by job seekers that they have been refused employment just because they have the signature tatoo embedded in the skin. Yes, it’s quite too much because tatoo is Iban culture, it would be fair to ban just for a modern tattoo and optional for traditional ones?

But, who are to blame? The government? The “samseng”? Or maybe our very own iban men who’ve tattoo whole body but do nothing other than loafing around the football court having “langkau” after sport?


One response to “Tattoo or Not?

  1. 1st time here. hi sir, this blog is great. regarding the tattoo, i wanna have a tattoo but still count aout it…i am so confuse.

Kitai Iban sigi patut bekunsika buah penemu ti manah enggau pangan diri, baka ke beduaka lampang rusa, bebagika lampang babi, ngenjuk lampang pelanduk, betetakka lampang bayak. Ngambika utai ti berat tau nyadi lempung, utai simpi tau segala, utai bingkuk tau lurus. Bekunsi kitai buah penemu ti manah enggau pangan diri ngambi ke bansa kitai tau pegari ditemu dunya, bediri sama tinggi, duduk sama pemaruh enggau bansa bukai. - Nadai salah mejah seruri, sigi endang dianti-anti. :)

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