How good are our Dayak YBs.

How good are our Dayak YBs? Or are they only good as “jaguh kampung”?

These are some of the questions that have been asked many times by many people especially by those from the Dayak community. During parliamentary sessions, our MPs seem to be mute and this is confirmed by none other than the Dewan Rakyat’s deputy speaker, Wan Junaidi when he said that our MPs did not take part in debates in Parliament and did not raise issues that have some bearing on the State.

They were shy. Our MPs are Mas Gading MP, Mambong MP, Serian MP, Sri Aman MP, Lubok Antu MP, Betong MP, Saratok MP, Julau MP, Kanowit MP, Kapit MP, Ulu Rejang MP, Selangau MP, Baram MP, and Bukit Mas MP. Minus ministers and deputy ministers, we still have nine ordinary MPs who should take active part in debates and discussions on issues that concern Sarawak in particular the Dayak community.

They should highlight problems of poverty, lack of development, NCR land issues, social and welfare problems. But no, they sit down and listen to others talking.When they return to Sarawak, they talk as if they own Sarawak.

For example the MP for Lubok Antu shows that he is very active in his own constituency and every week we hear him saying something, advising people to support BN and promise this and that especially on small or minor rural development projects and a few thousand ringgit for JKKK. And the MP for Sri Aman is always silent and over shadowed by the State assemblyman for Bukit Begunan. And the MP for Kanowit what more to say, he even failed many times to attend the PRS supreme council meeting.

What these MPs including State assemblymen should do is to draw up a development master plan for their constituencies in order to raise the incomes of the people and raise their standard of living. Put up a working paper and discuss with their party leaders and submit such plan to the State Planning Unit (SPU). Call for a press conference to announce your proposal and raise it up in parliament or in council Negeri.

Continue to bark and if the government does not listen, then we know that this government is not fulfilling the “One Malaysia” concept. And when election comes, the voters will know what to do (hopefully). By this way, then you are people’s representatives who are prioritizing the people’s interests. But no, our MPs only talk big on small things that a non-YB can do. So it appears to me that these MPs want only to be heard by their own constituents (tauka minta dinga bini aja). They are more like, in the Iban saying, “Remaung di rumah and Raung di tanah”. Only a “jaguh kampung”.


Kitai Iban sigi patut bekunsika buah penemu ti manah enggau pangan diri, baka ke beduaka lampang rusa, bebagika lampang babi, ngenjuk lampang pelanduk, betetakka lampang bayak. Ngambika utai ti berat tau nyadi lempung, utai simpi tau segala, utai bingkuk tau lurus. Bekunsi kitai buah penemu ti manah enggau pangan diri ngambi ke bansa kitai tau pegari ditemu dunya, bediri sama tinggi, duduk sama pemaruh enggau bansa bukai. - Nadai salah mejah seruri, sigi endang dianti-anti. :)

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